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Stand out in the crowd.
Send emails that show what your brand is all about.

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When we first start working together, I'll dig into what you already have in place (automations, drips, stats, research), and see what has been working so far and what needs to change.


To provide you some quick wins (on repeat), I'd tackle some of your evergreen flows first - including, but not limited to your: welcome sequence, abandoned cart sequence, post-purchase and feedback sequences.

Plan & Execute

Now that we know what works, what you want to achieve with your emails, and what your subscribers want to read from you - I'll come up with a detailed 90-day plan that covers all of your email marketing efforts for the next quarter, and corresponds with your additional marketing channels.

Test constantly

You'll never have to peek into your email service provider again.

I'll provide you with multiple options for testing your emails - including A/B split testing options (both copy and design elements), emails for specific segments, and will overview the implementation and success of our campaigns. 

Learn and repeat

In email marketing, we ask two main questions:

- If a campaign succeeded, what worked there and how can we replicate/improve it in the next campaigns?

- If a campaign didn't hit the mark, what can we adjust or do differently?

Leading with those two questions, I'll tweak the strategy and the copy as we go along.

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