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The "making email sexy again" speaker you've been looking for

Consent, transparency and storytelling are at the heart of ethical email marketing.


And that's hot.

"When Yuval Ackerman agrees to speak at your event it is not only an honour but you know your attendees are going to gain insight, and empowerment into new thinking and walk away inspired to do better!

I was thrilled to have Yuval at Lounge by the Sea 2024 to share her wisdom on ethical email marketing and to disrupt a few linear thoughts we all have about what an email list can do and how the people on it should be treated.

Yuval shakes up the status quo and enlightens even the most seasoned business leader to rethink their email approach. Not only did our attendees walk away with actionable insights into how to really nurture their email lists, or even start one, but our other speakers on the day took a lot of food for thought on how they can reinvent their email approach.

Yuval is not afraid to challenge perspectives and I knew her expertise would be valuable as I have personally learnt so much from her over the past year. Working with Yuval for the past 12 months as part of a client’s team I knew that she would be good, but she stole the show. She exceeded all expectations, sparked meaningful conversations and inspired actual change in people’s businesses.

The feedback from our attendees was fantastic. People couldn't stop talking about how engaging and relatable Yuval was. They loved her practical advice and innovative ideas, which they could immediately put into practice. It was clear that Yuval's session left a lasting impression.

“Yuval's talk on emails — it's given me lots of food for thought”
“Yuval - wonderful speech, it opened my eyes up to different viewpoints and a more engaging spin on email marketing. “

If you're considering inviting someone to speak on ethical marketing, invite Yuval Ackerman! She brings a genuine passion for her field and a knack for challenging traditional thinking in the best possible way. Yuval's session was one of the main highlights of our event, and I'm confident she'll be just as amazing as yours."

- Hayley Hudson, Founder, the VA Lounge


Let's talk about emails, baby

Your audience members' brands don't want to use toxic, harmful email marketing "best practices" to be successful.

If anything, they want to hear how they can do it themselves while being aligned with their purpose and values, and enjoy sending emails to their subscriber!

Here are some topics I can ramble on in my sleep:

1. The 3 main pillars of ethical marketing, and how can you implement those in your emails.

2. What is bro marketing, how to spot that in the wild, and how to avoid it yourself.

3. Email better practices and how to implement them in your business.

4. How my journalism job at 17 on a national radio station led me to become a business owner who does ethical email marketing.

5. The importance of strategy, failure and testing.

As seen and heard on

After my talks, good people say this

"Creators that I invite onto my LinkedIn Lives have three things: Insights, Consistency, and Personality. When I came across Yuval’s content I felt like she was explaining email strategy in a way I hadn't seen before.

When it comes to the Brand Strategy process there's always the question of "how do we apply it?". Yuval’s background in email marketing was a great perspective to look more into as it's a perfect medium for you to apply your brand strategy and grow your brand's awareness.


I really liked how genuine and unscripted our conversation felt. She was talking about what you know without holding back any piece of her personality, which I appreciated.


Right after our Live together, I received two DM’s, both saying that they didn't realize how much goes into email strategy and they loved how Yuval broke down a strategy that they could apply to themselves." 

- Rami Guzlan, Creators on Brand, Tenby Studios

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Reme Mancera, Strategy and Tea:

"Yuval cared about knowing the needs of my audience and creating examples that could be useful to the listeners. Not only did I learn interesting aspects about ethical email marketing, but I also enjoyed having such a nice conversation".

It's gonna be me.

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And if the NSYNC's song wasn't playing in your head just reading this headline, we can't be friends.

I'm obviously kidding (or am I?).

All jokes aside, I'm Yuval, and I'm an ethical email consultant and strategist.

I started my professional life interviewing people for a living, and well well well, how the tables have turned...

Today I'm on the other end of the mic, talking about myself and what I do to help B Corp and other ethical brands make better marketing decisions in and with their emails, so their clients can make empowered and informed decisions to buy from them.

Want me to spill some beans or coffee so your audience members can improve their email marketing instantly after listening to me talk?

Quotation mark open - proposal template.png

The marketing world is shifting and companies often focus too much on new releases and deals instead of emails that add value to their visitors. We wanted to highlight how important adding that value is! I loved learning about your history and how that turned into ethical email marketing! 

- Daria Rose, Ecommerce Standup podcast co-host

Quotation mark close - proposal template.png

I love Yuval's approach to email marketing. It is incredible to hear an alternate perspective on something that seems "set in stone". I also loved how she simplified emails into "Is that something I would want to read myself?". It makes it so easy when people can hear tangible questions like that! 

Sometimes we try something out because the "experts" say we should but it never feels right, and I think my episode with Yuval beautifully showed not only why traditional emails doesn't feel right, but how to do it differently if you want to try something else!

- Becca Wood, Probably Bothered podcast host

Media Kit and stuff

You can either copy-paste it from this page, or download it from this link.

Let's start with some high res photos followed by my logo for you to use

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Short bio:

Yuval is an ethical email consultant who helps B corps and personal brands turn their subscribers into their biggest F.A.N.s. 


Named a "Top Marketer to Watch in 2024", Yuval challenges the so-called "best practices" and gives actionable "better practices" that are deeply rooted in consent-based and audience-centric marketing to improve email performance.


She's also a food lover (especially pasta) and a full-time nomad on a mission to find a place to call home.

I have never experienced a guest explaining their approach by using my business as an example. It was really cool to see and helped explain what Yuval does in a way that was easy to understand and apply. 


If you want someone with some incredible experience under her belt with a genuine personality then they should talk to Yuval. Her ability to provide insights through examples and application gets the point across to the audience in a way that resonates and keeps the fun of the conversation going without it ever feeling robotic or redundant.

- Rami Guzlan, Creators on Brand, Tenby Studios



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