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If you want your brand emails to stand out - do it with a true maverick.

My journey has been a diverse, bumpy, some would say courageous one.


You’d see common threads of deep seriousness and a wild sense of humor, ambition and curiosity, a “fight against all odds” attitude and an approach of building from the ground up weaved through every station I’ve ever been to and every step I took.


This is the full story of how I got here.


*TW: my story includes parts about trauma and mental abuse.

Being born.jpg

One rainy evening, exactly on her due date, a child was born. Blue-eyed and surprisingly bald, she was the firstborn in what would turn out to be a family of five. As a baby, she literally stopped people in their tracks in the middle of the street. 


Nosey neighbors would stall her mother and shove their heads into her stroller - “what a pair of stunning eyes she has”, they would gasp out loud and then look up at the golden-eyed woman pushing it, “whose daughter is she? You need to tell her parents to take her modeling”, they’d add tactlessly without giving it a second thought. 


That wasn’t the last time she’d do something like that.

Working together be like...

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 20.33_edited.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-31 at 22.48.09.jpeg

But first, let's address the elephant in the room...

The world has three types of people:

- People who've never heard of anyone with my name before,

- People who're sure that my name was only a guys' name,

- And people who're not making a big deal out of it.

If you're among the first type, no worries.


Let me quickly introduce the story behind it:

Originally, Yuval was a character in Genesis, and was considered to be the "father of all music". Not too bad, eh?

... Which leads me to the second type of people. Yes, originally Yuval was a guys' name, but in the last few decades, it became unisex.


Many are familiar with Yuval Noah Harari's work, and honestly, just sharing the name with this genius of a human being is great enough. 

The third type of people have either met a woman-Yuval before, or have already worked with me. All the more reason for me to have a soft spot for them!

When it comes to the pronunciation of my name, everyone has their own version. I pronounce it as Yuṽal (as in, the emphasis is on the "v" and last syllable). But I get that it's not a widely common name, so I won't hold any grudges if you pronounce it any other way! Believe me, I heard it all.

The literal meaning of my name in Hebrew is "a small stream". If you're anything like me, you also believe that even the smallest force can have a massive effect.


And that's what I want to be for your business - a small part of your big picture that makes a huge difference. 

So... shall we?

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