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Need a quick fix for your email marketing?

Borrow my brain for 60 minutes to see how you can create more impact and revenue through you email list.

These brands had a consult with me, and found solutions to the following:

Scenario Cards logo.png

Increase profit margins and improve retention

In a double-consult, I helped Scenario Cards pinpoint the gaps in their retention strategy and patterns of their subscribers' behavior. 

As a result of this consult, the brand can offer a customer-centric inbox experience that is nuanced and tailored to each subscriber.

Generate sales from existing subscriber base

With an exisitng list that was nurtured consistently for years (and eager to buy), I helped the CEO of Total Croatia News to identify subscribers' behavior and make shifts in the brand's ongoing newsletter.

After a long period of not seeing any sales coming from the list, the next optimized email already generated sales.

Total Croatia News logo.png
Immerse marketing logo.jpeg

Create highly specific lead nurturing email sequence

When revising their new lead generation process, the co-founder of Immerse Marketing, an Australia-based marketing agency, booked a consultation with me to help them improve it.

We came up with a whole automated sequence within the hour, customized to each new inquiry coming in.

What could you achieve in 60 minutes with me?

You'd be surprised how much we can get done in one hour of strategic examination and brainstorming.

So go ahead, book your consult below.


During and after your booking, I'll share with you how we can both prepare for this call so we'll make the most of our time together.

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