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You're a busy business owner. 


Here are a few more questions that you might have and I can already answer for you before you decide to contact me or hop on a call together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with all ESPs (Email Service Providers)?
    Yes. It doesn’t matter which ESP you’re currently working with, I can check the stats and test your emails’ performance in itt. At this point, though, I don’t offer implementation or design services.
  • Do you need access to my systems?
    Yes. Email never works in a vacuum, so I need to get access to your behind the scenes - every channel that connects to and from your emails. During your onboarding process, I’ll also send you a detailed list with the types of resources I’d need from you and how you can share them with me securely.
  • Our subscribers’ data privacy is important to us. How do you take care of it?
    None of the details you’ll share with me about your business or subscribers will ever be shared or transferred to a third party, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance.
  • What happens after the 90-day period?
    We can either agree to carry on working together or part as friends.
  • Do you only optimize current sequences or recommend new ones based on my need/current email situation?
    Both. The 90-day Email TLC is covering all of your email strategy and copy needs.
  • How often do you provide a report about email strategy/performance during this 90-day period?
    Before the beginning of every month we’d meet for a strategy call. That’s when I’d share stats and insights about the month we’ve had, and revisit the strategy we planned for the month to come. If we need to change that strategy for any reason, that’s when we’d talk about it. Following that conversation, I’ll send you a summary of our conversation, including the stats and performance I’ve mentioned.
  • What do you mean by “email marketing efforts that correspond with your additional marketing channels”?
    Email is part of your overall marketing strategy. It needs to work together with your socials/ads/other marketing channels. A part of our strategy meetings will be about aligning the emails I come up with and write for you with your other channels. It can look like: Reviewing your lead generation processes Repurposing ideas for your social media/blog posts/video scripts/etc. Creating a holistic content calendar that uses the emails we’d send as its backbone
  • Do you only recommend the strategy or also execute it (i.e., write copy, create designs, set automation, etc.)?
    I map out the strategy, write the copy, and can provide wireframes and design ideas (including A/B options) for both the emails themselves and the flows of the emails. That said, your implementation and design team will have to take care of these parts of the execution.
  • How would you deliver the copy/strategy?
    You will get your deliverables via Google Docs and Google Sheets, wireframes via Whimsical, and video walkthroughs via Loom.
  • How would we communicate?
    I’ll send you the updates via email, and will set the monthly strategy calls on Zoom. In addition to those, I’m available on Linkedin and my inbox is open for you during business hours.

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