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Does your email list ROAR as it could?

The most badass FREE quiz you've ever taken to assess your business!

This is not your usual Buzzfeed-like shenanigans.


You're not going to find out if your business is more a Rachel or a Monica type, or what's your inner potato (I swear that's a real quiz, and also - potatoes should be a love language!).

Instead, you're going to cut through the fluff.

Get the real, honest, loving truth about your email list's state and potential business growth.

You're going to self-audit your mailing list. For free.

And when did you see that anywhere?

And you're going to get actionable steps to march your list forward.

Because just taking the quiz is fun and all, but I do want you to get a realistic evaluation of the current state of your business, and actually do something about it.

*By leaving my details I understand that I'll be automatically subscribed to Yuval's email list, and I can choose to unsubscribe myself at any point.


Is it for me though?

First of, it's a FREE quiz. Did I mention that it's free?


Cause it is. It's free.


You're still here?

Alright, maybe you're a bit suspicious about free gifts, but as far as I see it, you have nothing to lose.

This quiz will meet you at your appropriate edge - whether you're just a beginner, a seasoned (or no-sugar) user of the wonders of email marketing - or anything in between.

You'll get plenty of options to choose from, and the best part is -


There are no wrong answers!


Are you ready to start?

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