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Only 3 spots available per quarter!

Accelerate your growth with 1:1 email strategy guidance.

Take your email marketing to the next level.

You’re a small business owner, eCommerce shop owner, consultant, or coach, who needs to keep a lot of (pasta) plates in the air at all times.


But you also know the importance of email marketing and how crucial it is to do it right, especially in this era of digital age.


You want to connect your subscribers to your values and not have to rely on the middleman of social media.


You also know how powerful email marketing can be for your business growth and how profitable it can be. Especially if you don’t “spray and pray” your subscribers with sporadic/random emails or use “best practices” that have nothing to do with your brand but only harm your brand’s profitability and authority.


And you’ve seen a fair share of boring AF newsletters and sales emails to know that you’d want to do things differently. You want to attract a different crowd and differentiate your solution from the competition, so you’d stand out in the crowd.


You have the in-house assistance to write up your emails or are happy to do it yourself, but have no idea where to take your email strategy or how to build the personalized inbox experiences you want to provide to each one of your subscribers.  


… And of course, will yield profitability, on repeat, and on your own terms.

What if you had a strategic thought partner who could...


  1. Tailor and optimize an email strategy with you

  2. Supervise, amplify, and copy-edit your email writing

  3. Help you analyze and understand your data to decide on your next steps


How valuable would that be for your marketing strategy and growth? 

What a ridiculous shortcut would it be to be ahead of the learning curve? 

And wouldn’t it be priceless to know how to do it yourself to replicate the successes and avoid costly marketing disasters?


If you want to take your email marketing to the next level and accelerate your progress, you’ll thrive with Email Muscles VIP. 


A high-touch 1:1 program for you to talk strategy, share results, analyze data, keep you accountable and on track with your goals, and continue developing your email strategy and personalized inbox experiences as you grow.


Email Muscles VIP helped my client, Chayelle, grow her email list by 455% in one month after setting up her welcome sequence and long-term strategy:

Is it right

Is Email Muscles VIP right for me?

YES, if…


  • You’re a small business owner who’s got the writing part nailed down (you either enjoy and have the capacity to do it yourself or have help in-house to do so) and need to focus on the strategic side of your email marketing.

  • You have a working offer(s) and know for a fact that the market/target audience is ready and willing to buy from you

  • You’re ready to show up weekly for your strategy call, ready to tackle a new aspect of your email marketing, and do your homework in between sessions. 

  • You understand that email marketing is a long game and that it may take a couple of weeks/months of planning and executing behind the scenes before you see tangible results.

  • You’re open and excited to experiment beyond the so-called “best practices”, eager to implement fast, and ready to learn from the process.

  • You appreciate the importance of creating and nurturing ongoing relationships with your subscribers through the inbox and strive to find the right balance between nurture emails (providing value) and sales emails.


But it’s not a good fit for you if…


  • You need the accountability side of the writing as well as the strategic side (the group cohort of Email Muscles will be a much better solution for you!)

  • You’re just figuring out what your offers are now, and have no proof of concept/market-product fit.

  • You can’t see yourself making time to do the work needed for you to make serious progress (a minimum 2 hours a week - 1h strategy call and 1h self-work).

  • You expect to see results from your email marketing as soon as we start working together.

  • You prefer relying on “best practices” and sticking to more conservative email approaches.

  • You’d rather stick to sending sales emails whenever the timing is allegedly right.

Ready to accelerate your email strategy?

Your strategic thought partner

Heya, I'm Yuval, the ethical email strategist & copywriter, and your mentor inside Email Muscles VIP.

When I realized that ethical email marketing was the way forward, I was torn. 


On one hand, working on email strategy and copy for big brands made the most sense, financially at least. On the other hand, I knew that if we wanted to see real change in this realm, small business owners needed support and guidance as well.


The more I work with both ends of this spectrum, the more I’m confident that this deep, instrumental change is closer than people may think. 


In the past couple of years, I’ve brought ethical email marketing to brands like the Stanford Alumni Association, Inbox Monster, the LIT community, The Lab community, and dozens of podcasts.


Email Muscles, the group cohort, has been successfully running multiple times in the past year (and counting!), and the VIP level has been offered privately to those who are ready to really step up their email marketing game and accelerate their growth.

Mel's Linkedin testimonial
Arden's Linkedin testimonial

What it includes

  • A 3-hour hands-on kickoff workshop, where we’ll cover your welcome experience (opt-in pages/pop-ups, zero-party data collection methods, thank you pages, and welcome sequence), email format(s), segments, and your differentiation strategy.

  • 1X one-on-one weekly strategy call (relevant team members may be invited to the calls as well).

  • An ever-developing tailored email strategy for your business, including ongoing campaigns/newsletters and evergreen sequences.

  • A direct communication channel via Slack for any questions in between sessions.

Optional add-ons (per request)

  • Advanced tech stack consults

  • Deliverability consults 

  • Design consults


*All additional consults are billed and delivered by my business partners who are pros at these particular topics.

Whats included

Your Investment

Starting at 1,000€/month, for a minimum of 6 months of working together. 


My aim is to help you understand the methodology behind what I do and let you drive this operation yourself as soon as possible - as all of my previous clients have successfully done. 


From my experience, the minimum it takes to get the ins and outs of this and start seeing results is anywhere between 3 to 6 months. With this mentoring program, you can be sure that we’ll cover whatever you need to get there. 


If you’re ready to take the next steps, schedule a quick disco call below.


We’ll talk about your business & goals, current marketing strategy, systems, and more. We’ll both ask questions and figure out if we want to move forward and work together. You’ll also get a more concrete offer, based on what we’ll discover on that call.

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