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Grow your Email Muscles for business gains.

Send weekly newsletters and sell to your email list with confidence. On repeat.

As a busy service provider, you have many plates to keep up in the air.


You’re doing incredible work and serving your clients, transforming their businesses and making an impact in the world.


You also know the importance of your self-marketing, and showing up constantly in your favorite social media platform.


At the same time, you know that building on rented land can be dangerous. It’s not yours, and it can disappear on an algorithm’s whim, just like that.


You have thought of doing email marketing or even started giving it a go a while back, but something about it is still holding you back.

Every time you build up the courage to get started, a loud voice in your head shouts at you: "But I don't know what to write about!", "But I don't want to come across as salesy!", "But I don't know how I'll be consistent with it like I want to!", or "The email platforms are too complicated!".


What if you could find a solution to all of those questions in one place?


What if you could set the deep and personal inbox experience you've always wanted for your audience, and send consistent and valuable emails, on repeat?

What if you could feel overjoyed for sending a sales email to your list?

Flex your Email Muscles

A cohort to help you write, edit, and send emails to your growing list.

Inside Email Muscles, you'll learn how to do email marketing in a way that suits you and your business (and values!), so your inbox will become your favorite place to hang out.

You'll work side-by-side with like-minded business owners who are tired of appeasing the algorithm and are ready to build strong foundations for their businesses on their own terms.

You'll set your welcome sequence (the one you've been dying to write!) and set an exceptional intro experience, so every one of your new subscribers will feel connected to you and your mission and will look forward to your next email.

You'll choose your Email Service Provider and get the guidance you need to take the fear out of operating it the way you want it to serve you.

You'll have real-time feedback on your writing from someone who does that for a living, and have your peers cheer you every step of the way.

You'll send weekly emails. You'll grow your list sustainably. And you'll fall in love with email marketing.


Palak Shah,

Conscientious executive recruiter

Daniel Furfaro,

Brand strategist and chess fanatic,

2-times Email Muscler

Hedvika Ticha,

Embodiment coach

What it includes

  • A 25-week cohort

  • Up to 10 participants per group

  • A weekly writing and real-time feedback call

  • Quick Friday check-in call to keep you on track

  • A welcome masterclass/party

  • A tech masterclass

  • 1x 60-minute individual welcome sequence mapping call

  • Learn how to set a full email strategy and how to read your data

  • A private Slack channel for feedback and questions between sessions

  • Frameworks and formulas to get your juices flowing

  • Additional resources per your request


Bonuses! (Worth over 800€)

- An individual tech support call

- A 60-minute content strategy mapping call

- A 60-minute halfway strategy call

If you're cool with writing by yourself but want to accelerate your progress and focus more on the strategic & content distribution side,

Visit the Email Muscles VIP page.

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Ready to hop on board? Let's talk!

"The thought of someone going onto my website and signing up for my email list and having a positive experience is so exciting!"

- Laura Zug, community strategist

Mel's Linkedin testimonial
Arden's Linkedin testimonial
Karen Nicholas headshot joy vertical.jpeg

“I hadn't touched my list for years, and I was intimidated by it. It just seemed like this huge project.


Now, I see email outreach as a very accessible way for your audience to hear about what you're offering or hear about your knowledge.


And I don’t have to do any hard selling. I learned to dial my writing back so it has a more logical structure, which makes the emails feel ethical and normal.”​

- Karen NicholasKaren Nicholas Training LLC

The 5 Email Muscles modules 


Welcome experience

(Duration: 3-6 weeks)

Including your opt-in page and copy, success message/thank you page, your new freebie and welcome sequence. 


Together, we’ll design a welcome experience that will create that emotional bond between you and your subscriber from the get-go (so as soon as they see your name in their inbox, they’ll rush to open your newsletters!). 


At the end of this phase, you’ll be ready to dive into your email system and implement what you’ve been working on.


Tech and implementation

(Duration: 1-2 weeks)

Choose your ESP and learn how to make the most out of it. During that period, you’ll have a bonus 1:1 call with the system strategists partnering with Email Muscles, embed your welcome experience and test it.


By the end of this module, you’ll feel confident and excited to send new subscribers to your sign-up page, and start collecting the first responses to what you’ve been working on in module 1.


Email strategy - creation

(Duration: 1 week)

The module where you’ll eliminate, once and for all, the “IDK what to write about every week” worry. We’ll meet for a bonus 1:1 strategy session where we’ll map out all of the stories you’re dying to tell (but maybe can’t currently come up with!) and how they help your subscribers move forward, gradually and consistently, to working with you.


At the end of that module, you’ll have a story bank to start pulling email content from, on a weekly basis.


Email strategy - testing + content distribution

(Duration: up to 18 weeks)

The saucy part of the program happens right here. That’s where you’re writing and sending weekly emails, repurposing your emails into other marketing materials, and seeing if our initial hypothesis is working for your business and your subscribers.


At the end of this module, you’ll send 12+ weekly emails and attract new subscribers to your list, so we will have enough data to analyze. You’ll also learn how to read and deduct what your data means and what to do with it.


Email strategy - optimization and fun

(Duration: 2-4 weeks)

In the last part of Email Muscles, you’ll tweak your strategy (if needed), and we’ll find new ways to make your newsletter fun and valuable - without making it an unsustainable chore for you!


Real-time feedback to make shit happen.

You're working a lot in your business - our weekly sessions are there to help you work on your business.

Every week, you'll get real-time support inside the Google Doc you'd be working on.

(You will have plenty of time to write before I step in and leave my comments and suggestions on the Doc for you!)

That way, instead of getting stuck in a spiral of wanting to constantly improve your email, you'd just get it done and ready.

You'll get the support you need to move from "just thinking about it" to "actually sending emails and growing my list".

The Highlights Corner
What have previous Musclers achieved?

Ivana Robinson Coaching.jpeg
hedvika ticha.jpeg
Laura Zug.jpeg

Ivana hosted a webinar to launch her new coaching program with 60 attendees - all coming exclusively from her email list.

Laura wrote 3 parallel welcome sequences, developed 2 free resources, and sent regular email campaigns.

After months of solely nurturing her subscribers, Hedvika now sends sales emails to her list with confidence.

Arden re-engaged her list, wrote & set up a welcome sequence that is aligned with how she wants to show up and got positive feedback from her subscribers.

Karen built the confidence to show up in her subscribers' inboxes every week - months after graduating from the program.

Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 14.27.18.png

Claire changed her entire mindset about email marketing, and now writes and sends emails within 10 minutes (especially for big business opportunities!).

"I did hundreds of emails, but only when people started clicking on things in my emails (while in the program), that was definitely a highlight."

- Filip Fucic, pricing mentor, Fearless Pricing

Making it impossible for you to get stuck

Heya, I'm Yuval, the ethical email strategist & copywriter, and your mentor inside Email Muscles.

Funnily enough, I wasn't the one coming up with the idea to Email Muscles - my mom did.

She's been a business owner since before I was even born. And she was struggling with visibility in her business.

She wanted me to write for her, but her field (law) was very technical and honestly, frightening to me. Instead, I offered to write with her.

"You're really good at teaching", she'd tell me during every session we had together, where I would help her write and teach her proven copywriting formulas. "You must do something with it", she insisted.

The seed was planted.

Now, Email Muscles helps business owners like yourself to transform their relationship with email marketing, send great emails consistently, and sell with confidence to their growing audiences.

"Yuval is not only a great email strategist with a sharp mind but also a wonderful warm-hearted person who’s fun to be around.


She’s always there to cheer you, pick you up when you’re too hard on yourself, remind you to take it one step at a time when you're gasping with too much on your plate, and give you doable mini homework to keep you on track and in motion."

- Hedvika Ticha, Embodiment coach


"Even though we were writing emails, the impact is so much bigger. 


I saw my own transformation through this very focused program in ways that I didn't expect, and thinking about how I want to position my own business has been really helpful for me."

- Arden Evenson, Copywriter & content strategist


"I didn't expect to get as much guidance on the overall strategy of my business. I didn't expect you to help me really think through our lead magnet flows and then actually write the lead magnet.


And then towards the end, when we were working on a sales email, the guidance I got from you on what the sales page would look like. That felt extremely comprehensive."

- Laura Zug, Community strategist

Is Email Muscles right for me?

Yes, if...

  • You're a business owner who likes writing

  • You're comfortable with guidance and accountability

  • You want to write emails easier and faster

  • You have a 4-figure offer you're confident in

  • You want to build something that is long-lasting

  • You'd like to build sustainable habits

No, if...

  • You're a business owner who dreads writing for your business

  • You prefer doing things your way

  • You enjoy writing slowly and thoughtfully (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

  • You have no idea what your offers are

  • You're only looking for a quick fix for your email marketing

  • You can’t see yourself falling in love with the process

Tech support

Copy, strategy AND tech support


You know that with the right support and within the right container, you will get through the first couple of hurdles of sending emails to your list.


But when it comes to the tech side... that's when things can get messy and overwhelming.


As an Email Muscler, you'll have the support you need to make the most out of your chosen Email Service provider (ESP).


The mindblowing Irit Levy from Day by Day will host a masterclass on getting your bases covered and your questions answered.

You will also get a 1:1 tech call with her to align your individual content strategy with your ESP, so you can tag, segment, and send emails on repeat with confidence.

Is it right

Your Investment

  • A 25-week cohort

  • Up to 10 participants per group

  • A weekly writing and real-time feedback call

  • Quick Friday check-in call to keep you on track

  • A welcome masterclass/party

  • A tech masterclass

  • 1x 60-minute individual welcome sequence mapping call

  • Learn how to set a full email strategy and how to read your data

  • A private Slack channel for feedback and questions between sessions

  • Frameworks and formulas to get your juices flowing

  • Additional resources per your request

Bonuses! (worth over 800€)

  • An individual tech support call

  • A 60-minute quarterly content strategy mapping call

  • A 60-minute halfway strategy call

€3,000 or
6 equal payments of €500

If you're cool with writing by yourself but want to accelerate your progress and focus more on the strategic & content distribution side,

The VIP Experience of Email Muscles is a better fit

"Okay, sounds awesome, where do I join?"

You refreshing dish of aglio olio pasta on a hot summer day, so full of brilliant questions!


The new cohort will open soon.

This is your time to hop on a quick call with me and make sure it's the right solution for your business.

If it is, we'll iron out the last details and get you started. If not, I'll advise you on possible courses of action.

Where do I sign up?


  • Do you work with all ESPs (Email Service Providers)?
    Yes. It doesn’t matter which ESP you’re currently working with, I can check the stats and test your emails’ performance in itt. At this point, though, I don’t offer implementation or design services.
  • Do you need access to my systems?
    Yes. Email never works in a vacuum, so I need to get access to your behind the scenes - every channel that connects to and from your emails. During your onboarding process, I’ll also send you a detailed list with the types of resources I’d need from you and how you can share them with me securely.
  • Our subscribers’ data privacy is important to us. How do you take care of it?
    None of the details you’ll share with me about your business or subscribers will ever be shared or transferred to a third party, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance.
  • What happens after the 90-day period?
    We can either agree to carry on working together or part as friends.
  • Do you only optimize current sequences or recommend new ones based on my need/current email situation?
    Both. The 90-day Email TLC is covering all of your email strategy and copy needs.
  • How often do you provide a report about email strategy/performance during this 90-day period?
    Before the beginning of every month we’d meet for a strategy call. That’s when I’d share stats and insights about the month we’ve had, and revisit the strategy we planned for the month to come. If we need to change that strategy for any reason, that’s when we’d talk about it. Following that conversation, I’ll send you a summary of our conversation, including the stats and performance I’ve mentioned.
  • What do you mean by “email marketing efforts that correspond with your additional marketing channels”?
    Email is part of your overall marketing strategy. It needs to work together with your socials/ads/other marketing channels. A part of our strategy meetings will be about aligning the emails I come up with and write for you with your other channels. It can look like: Reviewing your lead generation processes Repurposing ideas for your social media/blog posts/video scripts/etc. Creating a holistic content calendar that uses the emails we’d send as its backbone
  • Do you only recommend the strategy or also execute it (i.e., write copy, create designs, set automation, etc.)?
    I map out the strategy, write the copy, and can provide wireframes and design ideas (including A/B options) for both the emails themselves and the flows of the emails. That said, your implementation and design team will have to take care of these parts of the execution.
  • How would you deliver the copy/strategy?
    You will get your deliverables via Google Docs and Google Sheets, wireframes via Whimsical, and video walkthroughs via Loom.
  • How would we communicate?
    I’ll send you the updates via email, and will set the monthly strategy calls on Zoom. In addition to those, I’m available on Linkedin and my inbox is open for you during business hours.

"But I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

I like your style (and musical taste). 

If you couldn't find what you were looking for, feel free to drop me a line.

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