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Email marketing

Maximize your ROI with evergreen, impactive email copy

With a whopping average Return On Investment of $42 for every $1 you spend,

 email is still very much one of the strongest ways to market your business.

Think about it - 

You're bombarded with messages every way you go.

Everyone is trying to catch your attention, even for a split second...


But when it comes to your inbox,

you're giving a front-row seat to any newsletter you've subscribed to...

For free.

 And anyway, you don't feel like the old, pushy way of email marketing is for you, or for your brand.

It's just not who you are.

You want to bring value, you want to create a genuine connection,

making money out of it is a means to a greater end.

You've got to be honest with yourself -

If it's writing an email or craving time for your morning yoga practice,

you'd rather skip writing that email.

What could it be like had you had those emails sent out effortlessly,

making just the right impact for your business,

and sounding exactly like you?

Stop drowning in your "what if"s,

imagine what kind of difference your emails could make with a little more TLC,

backed up with strategy that's tailored to what you want and need.  

dana oz.jpeg

"We were blown away by Yuval's creativity and adaptability to our language and theme, and we definitely expect to have fewer tickets from customers thanks to this new email sequence".

See how this B2C support email sequence put Aura Air back on track to conquer the air purification market, increased new customers' satisfaction and amplified their customer retention

Are you ready to talk about your copy needs?

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