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Find what works.
Scratch what doesn't.
Optimize what you can.

You have an email sequence that doesn't convert as you'd hoped it would, but can't place your finger on why and where exactly it falls short...

A Copy Audit would help you understand what isn't clicking (pun intended).

Your emails can convert better...

But you're not sure how to do that.

You're too busy running your personal/eComm business, trying to create, serve and improve your clients' lives - you don't have the time to dig into your Email Service Provider and decode why the hell your evergreen sequence doesn't do what it's supposed to.

At the same time, your team doesn't know how to look for those untapped opportunities or doesn't understand the ins and outs of the customer journey... They've either been writing something for the sake of having it or implementing emails written by someone else as they were instructed to.

... Which leaves you in an uncomfortable position. Not ideal.

You know that your evergreen sequences could really boost your revenue, and maybe they're working okayish, but they're not doing what you dreamed of (plus, "okayish" isn't what you want for your brand anyway).

Hurrah! A Copy Audit is the solution for you.

It's your way of understanding what doesn't work, which link in the chain is broken (sometimes literally), and how to fix it.


Using a list of 25 factors, I'd audit your sequence to find the loopholes that your can fix immediately to improve your conversion.

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What would your Copy Audit address?

Email strategy

  1. Opt-in or welcome experience process

  2. Sequence goals

  3. Email cadence

  4. Content ideas

  5. Segmentation, tags and personalization


  1. Open rates

  2. Click-through rates

  3. Reply rates

  4. Conversion rates

  5. List/segment size

Subscriber's angle

  1. “From” name 

  2. Subject lines

  3. Preview lines

  4. Reply email address

  5. Consistency of overall TOV

Graphics and branding

  1. Photos, captions and alt-text

  2. Formatting

  3. Visual consistency

  4. Brand personality

  5. Mobile vs. desktop performance

Email copy

  1. TOV consistency

  2. Storytelling

  3. Links appearance and function

  4. Strategic use of personalization

  5. Calls to action

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-31 at 22.48_edited.jpg

Leave no room for guesswork.

As a brand owner, it's important for you to nurture a stable, healthy, and deep relationship with your customers.

That mindset applies to all parts of your business, particularly when it comes to evergreen sequences that you send to your subscribers.

You set them up to be doing the work for you, but you're currently walking with what feels like walking around with cavities.

Just like with your teeth, you know there's a problem, it hurts, but you don't know how to fix it yourself (and you can't do it by yourself either).

These email cavities may look like:

  • Emails that never get opened

  • Never getting any replies

  • Wonky appearance on either the mobile version or the desktop one (or both!)

  • Calls to action that make your subscribers yawn instead of click

  • And a low conversion rate...

And any day you're not taking care of those sequences can worsen your situation. Make a bad first impression on more subscribers. Or lose subscribers altogether.

Instead of doing more guesswork, you need a professional to have a good look inside and find those holes to be fixed.

Fortunately for you, looking inside and finding those gaps is my favorite thing in the world (at least professionally!). 

Unlike a visit to the dentist's, though, my Copy Audits don't hurt a bit.

Cover all bases.

When you book a Copy Audit, you get:

1. A tailored written report on your sequence, using my 25-factor system, your missed opportunities, and ideas that you can implement immediately or fix in the long term.

2. A video walk-through (up to 1 hour long) of me showing you around what I've found, explaining how to fix those loopholes, and what you need to pay attention to.

3. A bonus 30-minute closing where you can pick my brain, ask additional questions, or brag about the things you've already fixed! (worth 90€).

Your bonus closing call


As Jannet Jackson once sang - it's all for you!

All of my Copy Audit clients get a bonus 30-minute closing call, where you can ask me any additional questions that you might still have.

You will get additional air time to share your thoughts and get advice on your next course of action (or brag about the things that you've already implemented!).

We will also talk about possible projects we could work on in the future, and ideas to support your copy on other marketing channels (if applicable). 

A Copy Audit is the right solution for you if...

💡 You're a personal/eComm brand owner and could use some quick wins with an evergreen sequence that you've been dying to get right.

💡 You're looking for someone who'd be in your corner and will care about your business success as much as you do.

💡 You don't want to hire someone in-house, because that's too much of a headache.

💡 You want someone to just do the work... No hand-holding, no babysitting, no fuss and no fluff.

💡 You expect the same premium service you give to your customers on a daily basis.

  • Do you work with all ESPs (Email Service Providers)?
    Yes. It doesn’t matter which ESP you’re currently working with, I can check the stats and test your emails’ performance in itt. At this point, though, I don’t offer implementation or design services.
  • Do you need access to my systems?
    Yes. Email never works in a vacuum, so I need to get access to your behind the scenes - every channel that connects to and from your emails. During your onboarding process, I’ll also send you a detailed list with the types of resources I’d need from you and how you can share them with me securely.
  • Our subscribers’ data privacy is important to us. How do you take care of it?
    None of the details you’ll share with me about your business or subscribers will ever be shared or transferred to a third party, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance.
  • What happens after the 90-day period?
    We can either agree to carry on working together or part as friends.
  • Do you only optimize current sequences or recommend new ones based on my need/current email situation?
    Both. The 90-day Email TLC is covering all of your email strategy and copy needs.
  • How often do you provide a report about email strategy/performance during this 90-day period?
    Before the beginning of every month we’d meet for a strategy call. That’s when I’d share stats and insights about the month we’ve had, and revisit the strategy we planned for the month to come. If we need to change that strategy for any reason, that’s when we’d talk about it. Following that conversation, I’ll send you a summary of our conversation, including the stats and performance I’ve mentioned.
  • What do you mean by “email marketing efforts that correspond with your additional marketing channels”?
    Email is part of your overall marketing strategy. It needs to work together with your socials/ads/other marketing channels. A part of our strategy meetings will be about aligning the emails I come up with and write for you with your other channels. It can look like: Reviewing your lead generation processes Repurposing ideas for your social media/blog posts/video scripts/etc. Creating a holistic content calendar that uses the emails we’d send as its backbone
  • Do you only recommend the strategy or also execute it (i.e., write copy, create designs, set automation, etc.)?
    I map out the strategy, write the copy, and can provide wireframes and design ideas (including A/B options) for both the emails themselves and the flows of the emails. That said, your implementation and design team will have to take care of these parts of the execution.
  • How would you deliver the copy/strategy?
    You will get your deliverables via Google Docs and Google Sheets, wireframes via Whimsical, and video walkthroughs via Loom.
  • How would we communicate?
    I’ll send you the updates via email, and will set the monthly strategy calls on Zoom. In addition to those, I’m available on Linkedin and my inbox is open for you during business hours.


... Not ready for a full Audit yet?

It doesn't mean that you need to stay in the dark.

Alternatively, you can book a consultation call, where you can pick my brain for a full hour.

We'll scan your Email Service Provider (ESP) together, look at stats and feedback, and you'll get a full list of suggestions you can implement.

Got more questions?

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